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Point Blank Squadron

Charter for the Squadron.

Point Blank Squadron Charter

  1. Mission Statement - Pointblank is a gaming community that focuses primarily on the IL-2 Great Battles series.
    1. Pointblank is dedicated to our core values: courtesy, friendship, respect, cooperation, and fun.
    2. Pointblank members have a voice in direction and administration of the community.
    3. Pointblank values freedom of speech: members voicing their opinions in a courteous and respectful manner will not be censored.
    4. Pointblank operates with transparency in accordance to the principles and rules defined in this document.
  2. Operations - These outline the community involvement in decision-making processes.
    1. General Motions - These are motions which are available to all members of the community. They include: Motions to accept a non-member into membership, voting on any motions passed down from Officers.
      1. General motions will be initiated by the procedure outlined in the SOPs.
      2. Members are granted one (1) vote in any motion available to them.
      3. Motions last for seven (7) days, and require a (2⁄3) majority to pass.
      4. Motions to accept a non-member into membership last (28) days or until they are valid, whichever comes first.
      5. To be valid motions must involve a minimum of 20% of membership participation or have at least (2⁄15) of the membership vote for or (2⁄15) vote against the content of the motion.
      6. Members abstaining from a motion will not be counted as for or against it
      7. Votes will be tallied anonymously when able.
      8. Failed motions may not be resubmitted for a period of four (4) weeks after their conclusion.
    2. Officer Motions - These are motions initiated by Officers and include: Motions to add an officer, motions to initiate a General motion for member votes, Changes to the structure, organization or charter, and other administrative decisions, validation of disciplinary actions.
      1. Officer motions will be initiated by the procedure outlined in the SOPs.
      2. Officers are granted one (1) vote in any motion available to them.
      3. Officer motions last for seven (7) days, and require a (2⁄3) majority of all officers who are not on leave of absence to pass. In the case of a motion to add an officer, a vote will not start until sufficient discussion has been had regarding an applicant (7 days).
      4. Officers abstaining from a motion will not be counted as for or against it.
      5. Votes will be tallied publicly. Anonymously in the case of voting for other officers.
      6. Failed motions may not be resubmitted for a period of two (2) weeks after their conclusion.
    3. Special Motions - These are motions not falling within the scope of a General or Officer motion. Special provisions specific to these motions may be listed here in the future.
    4. No members or officer may vote in a motion of which they are the subject.
  3. Rules
    1. Be respectful
    2. No cheating or hacking
    3. No discrimination of any kind
    4. Players shall not be intentionally disruptive or engage in disruptive behavior
    5. Hosts of official events may establish a chain of command, which will be respected during the event.
    6. These rules shall apply equally across all mediums and services.
    7. All administrative operations will be public. While some discussions may be private, decisions and official actions regarding them shall be publicly displayed.
  4. Personnel - All members and participants of the community are expected to adhere to the rules provided above. Consequences for breaking them are detailed in the “Violations” section below. All participants of the community are welcome to partake in any general event, and are welcome to use the text and voice channels available to them.
    1. Non-members/Applicants
      1. Non-members are not represented within the administration of the community. However, they are free to participate and discuss and are valued additions.
      2. By request, non-members can petition officers for the approval of event-creation rights.
      3. May apply for membership via the procedure outlined in the SOPs
    2. Members (Pilots)
      1. Members comprise the bulk of the community.
      2. May make full use of all available channels and facilities.
      3. May vote on the acceptance of other members.
      4. May access event planning tools to host events.
      5. By request, members can petition officers for the approval of hosting cross squadron events.
      6. May participate in general motions or any motions passed down by Officers.
      7. May view administrative functions and happenings.
      8. May submit themselves for consideration of Officer roles.
      9. May be removed for violation of the charter or for a period of inactivity exceeding 90 days unless a leave of absence has been declared. Inactivity being defined as not posting or participating in the community in any way.
    3. Officers
      1. Officers shall have all of the privileges of members as well as the following:
      2. Must actively perform at least one function, duty or role for the organization.
      3. May explore other roles they are interested in, and be made official by Officer vote.
      4. May vote on charter changes, membership and officer status, administrative access votes, and initiate motions to pass to member votes (by vote with other officers).
      5. May also be an “admin” which serves an Administrative function in the unit, be it for discord, servers or other areas, and are therefore required to maintain specific documents as outlined in section 5. SOPs.
      6. May make use of a private channel when suitable for specific situations
      7. May be removed by officer motion for violation of the charter or for a period of inactivity exceeding 90 days unless a leave of absence has been declared, or by lack of any active function, role, or duty
  5. Standard Operating Procedures - These serve as a guide for the operations within administrative categories of expertise. The SOP may contain the appropriate procedures, expectations and documentation for various administrative work not outlined in this document
    1. It is the responsibility of the primary administrative Officer overseeing an area of expertise to maintain an updated SOP for their particular section as required.
    2. Member addition
      1. Any non-member may apply for membership by messaging any of the officers and declaring their wish to join the squadron.
      2. It is the responsibility of the messaged officers to ensure that the application is acknowledged, the applicant receives the prospect role, their application is announced in the prospect discussion channel and a general motion for the prospects membership is initiated.
      3. Recommended passing criteria that adhere to the wishes of the members must be maintained by the overseeing officers.
      4. Members may cast a positive vote if they are reasonably certain that a prospect fulfills the recommended passing criteria. A negative vote may be cast for any reason. Members should base their vote on personal experience with the applicant, achievements of the applicant (like passing a training map) or on endorsements by other members.
      5. If the membership motion expires by reaching the 28 day mark without becoming valid, the prospect returns to guest status and may reapply immediately.
      6. Recommended passing criteria:
        • Character: Prospect is kind and respectful , wishes to engage in teamwork and is willing to learn and improve.
        • Flying ability: Prospect knows how to manage the engine of at least one plane with full simulation settings and can take off, land, hold a rough formation and be able to hit enemies reasonably often.
    3. Officer responsibilities (other responsibilities could exist):
      1. Organizer: Organises regular or larger scale events that may require coordination with multiple people/squadrons or utilities
      2. Recruiter: Thinks of and executes ways of attracting members to our squadron and oversees applicants in the recruitment process.
      3. Training officer: Organises regular or larger scale training sessions or works on producing training material for the squadron.
      4. Content Creator: creates missions, tools, skins, documentation, etc. for the squadron.
      5. Communications Administrator: Moderates the squadrons discord, teamspeak, forum, etc. Handles disputes and provides mediation when necessary.
      6. Server Administrator: Oversees and manages the hosting of the squadron website, teamspeak, forum, IL2 server, etc.
  6. Violations
    1. An officer only channel may be used for discussing problematic behaviour. Once sufficient evidence or accountability has been established toward this behavior, administrative action can be taken. Exceptions, are trolls, spammers, racists/nazis, etc. who may be banned immediately by any admin. Immediate bans must be upheld by an officer motion raised immediately following the ban.
    2. Members or Officers knowingly acting against the provisions set forth by this charter, or attempting to supplant or otherwise thwart the will of this document will be dealt with in the strictest manner. After discussion, an officer vote regarding an offender will be conducted, to determine an appropriate response. The officer/member in question will not be able to vote, but may participate in the discussion.